‘K, I knew about all my entitlements. I looked them up. I found out about claiming tax back on refuse costs, that PRSI will pay for some of my dental bills (but not always).
Without education the “lazy” Irish population won’t know what they can claim on. At least Eddie has got people talking, in way that Fine Gael(their “rip off Ireland” website, AA Road Watch (price of petrol, NRA, tolls..), and consumer organisations(groceries order, everything else) never could!
I wouldn’t be so quick to call people lazy. Sure, some people have all the advantages of a middle-class education and access to computers, but thousands don’t. I’m willing to bet that not of all my computer literate friends have visited oasis.gov.ie or revenue.ie, never mind those that have rarely even browsed the ‘net!

The Government managed to bring in a 40 Euro tax on credit cards and banks were able to implement the collection of those charge within months. Why can’t tax reliefs be similarly “automagically” turned on when they’re available?