Is It Trackback Spam If From Other Blogs?

I received a trackback from this blog entry(remove the “__” to see the post) to this post on my blog. Strange eh? Then I checked my referer stats and found a hit from a Google search for Google Images Beware trackback to that vi post. Naughty naughty blog owner – you could have at least read my post to see if it was related!

3 thoughts on “Is It Trackback Spam If From Other Blogs?

  1. Kitten’s Spaminator is working fine, but to defeat trackback spam like this you’d have to check the page doing the trackback for a link to your blog, or use some method to figure out if the remote post was related to your post.
    I thought it was just a little bit sneaky doing a Google search for a subject after blogging about it and sending trackbacks to those blogs listed without mentioning them or obviously reading them closely.

  2. Although apparently it is okay to send trackbacks without linking, I think it’s rather cheap. Many sites have policies whereby trackbacks without links are deleted. I might make a filter for Spam Karma 2 that does that.

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