SAJAX – Simple Ajax Toolkit by ModernMethod – XMLHTTPRequest Toolkit for PHP

Now that XMLHTTPRequest has been renamed Ajax by Joe Public, it’s gaining more and more attention.
SAJAX is another toolkit, along the same lines as JPSpan in that you can call PHP functions directly from your web browser. The latest release also has backends for Perl and Python. Other language backends are a possibility if they’re contributed.
One major drawback of this project in it’s current state is, “Lack of type checking and support for rich return types”. JPSpan allows complex data types such as arrays to be passed back and forth between Javascript and PHP and from what I can see of the examples, SAJAX doesn’t support asynchronous calls either, yet.

multiplication example

/* PHP */
function multiply($x, $y) {
  return $x * $y;

function do_multiply() {
  // get the folder name
  var x, y;

  x = document.getElementById("x").value;
  y = document.getElementById("y").value;
  x_multiply(x, y, do_multiply_cb);

2 thoughts on “SAJAX – Simple Ajax Toolkit by ModernMethod – XMLHTTPRequest Toolkit for PHP

  1. Just to be a stickler and clarify, Ajax is *not* another name for XMLHTTPRequest but a framework using XMLHTTPRequest among a handful of other technologies.

    According to the auther credited with coining the term “Ajax”:

    “Q. Is Ajax just another name for XMLHttpRequest?

    A. No. XMLHttpRequest is only part of the Ajax equation. XMLHttpRequest is the technical component that makes the asynchronous server communication possible; Ajax is our name for the overall approach described in the article, which relies not only on XMLHttpRequest, but on CSS, DOM, and other technologies.”



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