I Am Bored – Sites for when you're bored.

Lots of good stuff on including this great snowball fight game (lots more games for download) and the Counterfit Mini site!

If you’re bored of playing games on your Xbox 360 or Playstation 3, then head on over to Xeer2000, Evil Dave’s, or Dvotee for gaming tips and chat. Or check out the excellent Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 videos sasbenjr produces.

OK, if you’re really bored, here’s a few things to pass the time:

Don’t forget, there’s a lovely tit on In Any idea what kind it is?

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Hello to my friends hugh jass, Alec Butt, Master bates, Izaac Cox, Iva Biggin, Izzy Gay, Homer Sexual, Justin Bed, Ivan rection and U

I’m bored enough to realize the only way I found this site is because I subconciously searched for “i am bored” and was directed here. I must be bored.

Right it’s twenty past four in the morning and I think it goes without saying, I’m pretty fucking bored. So bored that I have just sat here and read too many of these comments but in a sad way I was kind of proud I made it this far so just wanted to mark where I got too so on that note, anyone who actually gets to reading this comment, I feel for you, just sorry I had nothing more interesting to say oh and to all of those aggravating people telling me to get a life, fuck off. There is very little to do at stupid o’clock on a Monday night. So that’s all, bye

All paid jobs abrorb and degrade the mind-Aristotle
I live my life by this quote, which is the reason i have no job and coincidently no money to do ANYTHING! I now believe that the begining of the quote could be replaced by “all i am bored sites” and it would still hold the same truth. I feel like my brain got sucked out my nose, thanx for nothing.

hey!surprise,surprise i am BORED…and im at school…….did u know it takes a very boring person to get bored….i guess im boring then.what else is new

i am sitting in skool being more bored than all of you this site is boring this town is boring and my life is boring this is the most exciting thing i have done in awhile


i can’t believe i read all that….anyway i can’t believe that many people got here my google searching I am bored….thats how i got here…

you know wt? if ur bored go outside and play a sport and not be a stupid computer geek googling im bored…cant believe my bro told me this is the best site ever…..nerds………..

I’m bored. poopie! OMG! i just noticed sumthing, its fun typing “poopie” just try it, it will amuse u 4 a few min. If ur so bored, typing “poopie” will seem fun! poopie poopie poopie, this is so fun! wow, i’m not tht bored n e more, k, bye
🙂 poopie

OMG! i cant believe i actually searched “bored” on google, but according 2 all the comments (which really help me get less bored) i c tht a lot of peeps actually searched tht on google 2! lol… yeah, i’ll go now, n click on the next link on the google search i wz talking ’bout, k, c ya if i no ya!

i’m so bored, i have to do a 24 hour work day of nothing but sitting around staring at a computer trying to entertain myself. and i’m not even allowed to sleep:(

i gots paid on saturday! wahoooooo! i’m so happy but i’ve gots ta buy a load of books 4collage :(. evil. might go up ta dublin n amuse myself by getting a piercing…hmmm…now theres an idea…

yup i googled bored off my ass and this is where i end up.serves me i guess. already watched paint dry today.literally. think i might have spaghetti for breakfast. hhhmmmmm… . crap i m bored. sigh. i want to move to ireland. are there e.m.t.’s in ireland??? who gives a shit right? as long as they have guiness.

Jesus is here dont worry. Anyone ever heard of knaan? i didnt till i yesterday then i downloaded his song called struggling. Its pretty good in a wierd way. So i just got back from my fucking job at wendys but i think im quiting because i know they will work me new years…and theres no fucking way im working new years but n e ways payce dawgg im out

I am duncan and I am a lazy duck. I can not be bothered going out to mow the lawn as I am a lazy duck I can not be bothered doing my health home work (that will orevent me from failing) bacause I am a lazy duck. Instead of doing all of the things I said I will not do I will sit here doing nothing writing to no one about nothing while I get someone else to do the things I am supposed to do. Oh now…..I must remember to tell who ever that I am not a lazy Duck that begins with F instead of D I am really a Dragon. I dont have an email address so how will i send this piece of poopie?? I know!! Wait a second…DONE….fixed…say it…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

if i was a flower wud u pick me, if a were a lolli wud u lik me, if i was a sweet wud u suk me if i asked u nicely wud u FUCK me! hi all u bored peeps im not bored hahaha hope u lyke my poem oh and i love rosie and HI SARAH AND VELVET!! mwa to all my bored m8ts that im gonna force to cum on dis pile ov poop peace OUT!

i cant believe i was so bored to actually type into google and even more surprised there were things to cure my boredom….am i cured…well, im typing on this thing arnt i…!

i cant believe so many people say this site is boring cause all of yall are on this and making a bunch of comments how dumb i thought it was funny and so were yall!! ha ha

All yall hating ass hoes need to shut the fuck up hating on the site, cause your dumbass is the one on it,because if you dont like it all you got to do is sign the hell off. So stop all the fucking whining. Pussy asses.

would u all just shut up especially u people who keep sayin that the people who are bored and are writin on this site have no life when evendently u dont either!!
luv ya!

all of you bored people i understand… i read like 150 of these comments and they are all boring. time to take a nap. im goinh to hawaiii. coolness. nothing much to say. bored out of my mind. cant wait untill tomorow for hawaii trip. yay. dont be jelouse. just dont. you could go for like $900 if you found the right place. bored. blah blah blah. la la la la la. well yah. gotsta go. school is almost over and so is my long 85 min. of bordum. and RATS are going to take over the woulr not anything elts, so just wathch out for your eyes when you are sleeping. bye

The dutch guy was the best
Some people come on here again and again
But theres not much to do really hahahahahahah
Add me cos Im bored please

i have to admit i’m bored too. I’m here at school in my 7th hour. god i am so bored and i found this site. goodie for me. isn’t this boring.

i am so bored!!! i here in gifted class at school listening to my teacher go on and on…………….boredom sucks………..

I am in school bored AGAIN
and i came on here AGAIN
aND i was so bored i looked to see if there was a 62nd post
AND there is

i work in a call centre with no calls, this site is most dissappointing. if your bored try getting a hand full of water pretending to sneeze and throwing it on the back of someones head, hilarious

Its a friday night and im not not aloud to hang with any 1 till my mom gets home. She gets home at 9:30!!!!! Then ill probably call my friend and c if he wants 2 come over for the night. I AM SO FRIKIN BORED!!!!!

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