Swans in Ballydehob

Awwww! Such beautiful creatures! Majestic, rulers of their domain, proud!

Oh My God! He’s getting close! Must zoom out!

Aarrrggghhh! Jump back! Bloody thick headed bird went for me!



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  1. For those photos no, I just upload them, place them in a center-aligned div and style them!
    Glad you liked the photos, I risked life and limb to get them!

  2. When I lived back in the Eastern US, I was at an outside event, watching a swan and some ducks on a small lake. The swan proceeded to begin to drown the baby ducks by grabbing them behind the head, and holding them under water until they drowned. I tried to save the ducks, but the swan came after me. I was literally punching the thing, and it was giving back as good as it got.

    Swans, apart from the myth of being beautiful elegant creatures, and haughty and just plain mean [territorial].

  3. That sounds like a scene from a film Garrett. Crazy stuff.

    That’s grand Donncha, just wanted to check as they look quite well laid out like that. I’m gonna see if I can customize one of the photo plugins for WordPress but its just a matter of getting time. Oh and improving my CSS skills which are lacking at the moment.

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