One thought on “Calendar Script Tutorial

  1. There must be a better way than that! Doing it PHP-based is a waste of CPU, and doing it JavaScript-based is obviously wrong.
    Simple solution: CSS.

    Using the default WP theme as an example, replace the h2 block with this:
    h2{float:left;width:40px;height:50px;background:url(/i/calendar.gif);padding:10px 4px 0 6px;text-align:center}
    h2 b{display:none}
    h2 span{letter-spacing: 0.2em;display:block;font:10px “Times New Roman”, Times, serif}

    then replace the date format (under Options) with this:


    Then replace the the_date call in the template with this:

    <?php the_date(”,'<h2 class=”date”>’,”); ?>

    See my site for an example

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