Vex, where are you?

Several years ago any resident of Blackrock would recognise this tag. It was plastered all over the area, on every lamp-post, many walls and practically every smooth surface. I spotted this one near Blackrock Castle while Jacinta and I cycled past. It was at the bottom of a metal door almost completely hidden by bushes!

8 thoughts on “Vex, where are you?

  1. Guys and gals – be glad you’re not on IRC with Kevin.. here’s a few choice quotes:
    <kevin> donncha: hope my comment wasn’t vexing.
    <donncha> kevin: oh dear.
    <donncha> kevin: I think he was caught actually 🙂
    <kevin> donncha: so he’s no longer vexing the public?
    <kevin> donncha: one might say that the police are vexing him.

  2. I remember a lad in my class drawing this on the Blackboard, and getting into serious shit over it. Graffiti was so taboo back then, these days no one bats an eyelid about it – they’re more worried about kids shooting up than writing their name on a wall. How things change!

  3. Vex is the pseudonym of one Patrick Lynchehaun (sp?) who used to live in Mahon. Hung about with a fella called Eddie, who went by the monnicker of “Joker”. No clue where they are, or what they’re doing, but trouble with the law sounds about right!

  4. I know Patrick Lynchehaun! I lived in a house with him about 6 years ago. I Still get correspondence from time to time. Should I mention this to him?

  5. Keith – there used to be a picture attached to this post which I just found again. Do tell him, I’m sure there aren’t many of those tags left now ..

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