Broadband in Blarney!

Woohoo! I got the DSL connection going eventually! *phew* My phoneline extension cable isn’t the greatest, and I couldn’t remember the password I entered when I signed up for the 3 month free trial with IOL.
Naughty IOL – you should email the username and password when you send that nice advertising blurb after signup!
/me got a big grin on my face!

6 thoughts on “Broadband in Blarney!

  1. Nah, to be a real man I have to wander around with white plugs and wires dangling from my ears!
    I feel so left out, it’s not fair! 😉

  2. Well at least you’re honest enough to admit your inadequacy, and to think for 339.01 euro your life could be so much better. 😉

  3. Paraphrasing Groucho Marx I refuse to be part of any ‘gang’ which would have me as a member. Both you and I both know that owning an iPod makes you a better person, and that’s all we really need to know too.

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