Phone Upgrade

Over the weekend I moved from Vodafone to Meteor and also upgraded to a Nokia 6600 at the same time. Nice phone, this review is reasonably favourable, although he mentions that battery life is very bad (no surprise there!) and he commented on the 20MB of the memory card that was taken up by “undeletable” applications. They’re very deletable when you format the memory card! 🙂 Opera was deleted when I did that but I don’t have any use for mobile browsing, regular phone charges are expensive enough!
On that subject, I selected the “Meteor 200” plan. For €40 a month I can make 200 minutes of calls. That’s 20¢ a minute. Last month I talked on the phone for 3 hours and it cost me twice that. Fingers crossed that my phone bill goes down.

I’ll test the Gnome Bluetooth/Bluez stuff on Fedora Core 2 at home later, I don’t know if I’m going to go to the trouble of getting Bluez/Orbix working myself. p3nfs, Gnokii and Gammu seem to be other options. p3nfs worked fine before so even if I have to use the Nokia Suite to copy it over I’ll be able to copy .sis files over for later installation. Gnokii has been tested on the 6600 but it looks like there could be problems with it still.

It seems to be almost impossible to find a decent midi version of new zealand story. I found a few mp3 versions but none of them were up to scratch. Maybe I need to find a sid player/plugin for my phone? I did find a few cool music sites, including ocremix. Will visit later, but the version of NZS there isn’t great and seems to worble out of tune!

Just as I was writing this I received a text to my phone.. “A picture is worht a thousand words! Capture the moment with Vodafone picture messaging – NOW just 25¢! To opt out call 1800200234”
I could just ring that number and complain but I’m not a Vodafone customer anymore, why did they spam me? Stewie on says I need to contact regtel. Fire up Google and find them methinks.

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