Excel password remover

If, as sometimes happens, you’re working at something and are called away from your desk, it’s nice to know you can lock Excel and stop others fiddling with it. Unfortunately it’s also possible that you might forget your password. *ahem*
If so, go download the Free Excel password remover and watch it work wonders and crack that password and get you back into work mode faster than you can read a long winded run-on sentence that’s meandering nowhere, fast.



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  1. The password protection on Microsoft Office docs is extremely poor. I’ve seen Programs like this come back will all passwords on an Access file in less than a second. Your evote will be held on a MS Acess table, by the way… I’ve also used similar apps to get/reset “forgotten” passwords on NT/2K boxes. Very easy to get your hands on and very little an admin can do to stop it apart form plugging out the machine, locking it in a safe and burying it at sea.

    I’m reminded of an office I once worked in (no names, no scandal as a guy who worked there would say) who had an Access frontend for ordering computer equipment. Appeared to be a very well designed system – password protected user accounts and all that… until you held down the left shift key while opening it and saw the plain text table with all the user details. Good thing I’m not the BOFH, eh? 🙂

  2. Oh god..Its fantastic and it works like nothing before..
    Thanx a lotttt.. for the PASSWORD.XLA Thanx a lot..

  3. Wow, It seems very cool, But it’s not the one that I need now. I can not open my excel file that rotected by password

  4. me oh men sorry to be the first to say this but for me the software refused to work so if you have any other suggestions holla back asap thanx lol

  5. B.J. – it asks for a donation which isn’t that unreasonable when it might save you hours of work recreating a complex file. I was still able to download the zip file containing the password cracker!
    Definitely not a scam artist but a very generous guy!

  6. PASSWORD.XLA requires your Excel file to be opened and loaded, in which case you do not need it. So it is scam to make you buy the PRO package for $20.00

    1. There are many cases in which a document is protected from EDITING, not opening! I just used this to remove the protection from an excel document very handy. One thing though, it dosnt work in Office 07, even on 03 documents. Luckily i have both.

  7. When a spreadsheet is OPEN you can protect it so that it can be viewed but not edited. THAT is what password.xla removes. It is NOT (and doesn’t claim it is) for removing password protection to lock a spreadsheet from opening in the first place. Read you tards.

  8. Hi,

    I m having one excel file in msoffice 2000 std., but i cant remember password now and i want that file to be open on urgent basis.

    Ho can u help me out.


  9. This is a bullshit app. Its NOT a password cracker. It only help remove protection if you can already GET INTO the spreadsheet. If yo have forgotten your password or the person splits that owns the spreadsheet then you are OUT OF LUCK.

  10. I have Excell 2007. It works prefectly on 2003, but I installed 2007 a while ago, and I cannot edit my some old sheets (yes, I’m that unfortunately dummer who forgot pass…).

    Does anybody know new version or some other prog for removing in 2007???

    PLEASE, it’s pretty urgent…


  11. Guyz, can anyone mail me word & excel PW removal software ?
    or crack,
    Anything that is FREE to use. Thanks
    mail me on ____

  12. This was a lifesaver. I had bought a complex real estate modeling spreadsheet that didn’t incorporate some special tax rules for the Gulf Opportunity Zone (GO Zone). Using this, I can make the tweaks I need. Thanks for passing along!

  13. ppls for Gods Sake read the previous threads, this program only removes protection if u already have the file fully open. if ur looking for something to recover ur password then try Passware 7.5 its expensive tho

  14. I m downloading the removal software but i dont know that it will remove my passowrd or not i m in a big trouble what i have to do? the problem is that i have protected a excel document but forgot the passowrd. helpppppppppppp!

  15. This file password.xla unprotect the sheet. Double click on it, after that, open Excel and go to the Tools menu, Add-ins, check Password remover, push OK button, close Excel and reopen it. You will receive a message which will say you that Password remover is loaded and go tools menu and choose unprotect workbook. At this momment you may wait for a while, and will receive the message “This sheet should now be unprotected”. That is all. Good luck! Sorry for my poor english, I’m from Romania.

  16. I need your help to remove the password. I wish you will help me. Your article is so good. Thanks for giving such a good article. Keep up your good work.

  17. Try this, might help:

    1. Download and Install OpenOffice 3.0 and open Calc
    2. Open your xls file.
    3. Click tools in the menu bar and point to Protect Document
    4. Click Sheet, Note: the check must be removed!
    5. Click File and Save As, rename your document!

    Hope it works!

    Hints: Same procedure for msword protected files!

    1. You are a darling!!! I have been looking for such a long time how to get pass the protection of my documents for my business, when we let our previous manager go, but you have solved that for me. I am really, really grateful to you. Thank you so much.

  18. You can do the same thing with googles online documents, which doesn’t require any downloads or installation. upload your file and export it again.

  19. This program works perfectly, and no you do not have to buy the free version.

    Free version: allows you to remove passwords on the workbook/sheet from WITHIN excel 2003 or earlier.

    Pay version: also displays a password that will work in the future, and works in excel 2007.

    This program is awesome and the author is rad for letting the basic features go for free.

  20. Dear sir

    Cannot be accessed. The file may be corrupted, located on a server that not responding, or read-only so i requast how to opne this file plz i recover theis file but Password

  21. very good realy
    This program works perfectly, and no you do not have to buy the free version.

    Free version: allows you to remove passwords on the workbook/sheet from WITHIN excel 2003 or earlier.

    Pay version: also displays a password that will work in the future, and works in excel 2007.

    This program is awesome and the author is rad for letting the basic features go for free.

    1. Hi,

      I tried this VB Script but doesn’t work for me.
      after running this I got the Dialog box saying ” Paassword remover now loaded” whin I click OK the file starts asking password.

      Am i doing something wrong ??

  22. I’ve dowloaded the password.xla awhile back and use it frequently. Today I opened it to unprotect sheets from an old workbook but it responded that that there is a new version. I downloaded the new version, but it does not seem to work with this specific workbook that I would like to unprotect the sheets?? Very strainge!

  23. Hey people, READ, everything is in there, you just have to take 2 seconds of your oh so precious time and READ… staxx’s website, the comments here, ALL the answers are int here… WTH.

  24. Why don’t people read the previous threads before posting a “I forgot my password…please help”?

    Stop being lazy and read the threads!

  25. Hello,

    Is there any way someone could bypass a 2010 VBA password for me?
    I’ve tried downloading hex editors and removal programs as well as recovery programs, and i can’t seem to get it to work at all.

    If I was to email someone my file I need in to, could someone do it?

  26. Straxx is the best for excel password remover. I’m also grateful about concept of using openoffice to remove those passwords. spiderman you are too much

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