I am hoping that someone will pass this to James Nachtwey if they find his email: His photos are so very powerful, please if ever possible, try to provide the names of people photographed, for us the viewers to be able to acknowledge them as individuals in our great world of people. I printed out the image of the South African Man at the refugee center and put it in my kitchen, and also in my cubicle at work. He reminds me so much of my father dying of cancer and that brief, small, view I had into what it is to be alive, to face dying, and that thing about us that makes us want to live no matter what–that photo sums up so much of being human, I just wanted to be able to thank the man in the photo in my thoughts and prayers, as well as thank the photographer.
Life is so beautiful; that photo caught the sense of it–life, and our struggle to continue no matter what the odds.