S60 Python – on your mobile!

It looks like Python may be making it’s way to a Series 60 mobile phone soon! I may actually learn how to code in Python if this becomes available!
On that note, I may buy a new phone. The keyboard on my 7650 is getting cranky, some keys need to be pressed hard, others print characters twice. I could take the phone apart and clean the keyboard but now the plastic cover on the thumbstick/joystick thingy is coming apart. If I buy another phone, I’d like another Symbian device – Triz really is a great Tetris clone that I’d miss. Now, if I could only get a version of Go! for the phone I’d be happy and content.

By Donncha

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This is a good place to learn python if you already can program:Dive into Python
I also recommend the O’Reilly book “learning Python” that has just been updated to edition #3.
Of course the best way to learn any language is to actually have something concrete to program while you’re learning it.

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