6 thoughts on “UT2K4… ooooh!

  1. I downloaded the demo at work yesterday. Will have to span it across my pen drive though. Might be enough to upgrade me to a new machine though, screenshots are just incredible. Hope the PS3 will have hardware that can do this!

  2. Yes Owen the PS3 should be able to do that. Traditionally consoles enter the market more powerful than their PC counterparts and then fall behind PC’s after 18 to 24 months.

    The largest issue is with the display. In the consoles case that being whatever TV, with whatever connection you have, and unless it’s a HDTV it’s probably going to be running at 640×480 resolution. The way around that of course is a VGA connection to a VGA monitor.

    As for the screen shot itself, it appears to have been pulled out of the frame buffer of a development box as is the usual with marketing shots like this. As such even with a high end rig, a persons visual mileage will vary.

  3. Owen and myself saw the demo last night at Mel’s. Wow. I’m very impressed! Damn, I need to upgrade, with this demo available and HL2 coming out sometime (soon perhaps?) I’m being left behind again!

  4. Be sure you’re upgrading for the right reasons. It’s very easy to get caught up in the visual minutia of these games where anisotropic filtering and so on are selling points, but at the end of the day none of that stuff makes the game more enjoyable to play. A dog of a game remains a dog no matter how good it looks.

    After playing the cream of new PC releases this Christmas I still had much more fun with Orbz http://www.21-6.com/orbz.asp and unlike most PC games it runs on both OS X, Windows and Linux.

    As for HL 2, chances are it might just show up at E3 this May..again. Valve really screwed both themselves and their partners this time around. Their publishers results for the past couple of quarters have been dire since all that projected HL revenue never happened.

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