Nightime around Cork

Rushing Somewhere

Taken from the flyover by Silver Springs on Thursday night. I’m sure that drivers thought I was a speed cop with my camera mounted on the tripod pointing at traffic! Certainly, many of them were doing well over the advertised 30mph limit on that stretch of road.

The ESB transformer substations, Marina, Cork.
Power generation has had a long history in Cork!

Street Lights on the Straight Rd.

John braved the cold with me on Saturday evening to take a few memorable photos of the Lee Fields. It was very cold!

One thought on “Nightime around Cork

  1. as it’s new year’s put in a search for “april 1950 cork” (my origins) and holy smo… saw the L word – I’ve just switched to Mepis having had enough of xp viruses, only to see talk here of spam and (to me) foreign code. The pics are great – ESB, etc. thanks – happy new year!

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