Format C: on a Nokia 7650?

So I finally managed to get the “Nokia Suite” software working in Windows (it doesn’t seem to like an almost fully patched WinXP!) and I have my phone backed up over Bluetooth.
Now, how do I go about deleting 827 texts? I could go through them and pick out the ones from the ex but that would take too long, and by using p3nfs I hoped to do grep -r "ex's phone number" /mnt/psion/C:/Mail/| xargs rm -f but I don’t think p3nfs is stable enough to handle that much traffic. It certainly fell over when I tried to backup my phone using it. I’ll give it a go tomorrow, it might work! Anyway, deleting her number from my contacts is a lot easier! 🙂
If you know of any 7650 app for doing mass-deletes of text messages please leave a comment!
Update! Just figured out that I can “Mark All”, and I then delete the texts with a few clicks of the Option button. Sorted!

5 thoughts on “Format C: on a Nokia 7650?

  1. i istall the software of urdu language and after that i restart the mobile 7650 and nokia written there is come but nothing is happning after that please tell me

  2. nokia7650.when i attempt to go to the menu it appears system error! I had in fexplorer from mistake set menu as operator logo in c. It is corrupt! Please help me. And how to format c on nokia 7650 i am runing the version 4.39.

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