Geopathic Stress Anyone?

While out tonight taking photos I was approached by a curious hotel worker. It’s not every day one sees a guy standing around with a camera and a tripod, especially on a cold night!

We started talking, and as usual, the topic of housing came up. When I mentioned I was in the process of buying a house he asked me to do something: “Look up geopathic stress on the Internet before you buy the house.” So, I did that!

Most of the sites I found were commercial, but one site I discovered managed to avoid commercial offerings for one whole page! The next page on the site lists their products, but the above page is a good explanation of what this is.

This is a call out to the visitors of this site – ever had your house tested for these strange energies? I’d be more than a little skeptical about this stuff, but there’s no harm in finding out more!

Update – the site I linked to above changed their layout. No doubt they saw the extra traffic and decided to list their commercial interests. Here’s a page that does have a longer description of Geopathic stress and how to stop it.

How can I tell whether I am affected by Geopathic Stress?

There are a number of pointers which may suggest the presence of Geopathic Stress by its effect on both people and buildings.

The following clues may suggest that a person is affected by Geopathic Stress:-

1. They have a serious illness such as cancer, M.E., or multiple sclerosis.
2. They have any illness which does not clear up despite good treatment.
3. They have tried a number of different therapies without success.
4. They feel better when away from home. For instance, a condition may clear up or improve when away on holiday only to come back again when they get back home.

The following quote is laughable however:

Note for health professionals and therapists – as a general rule of thumb, if a patient is not getting better on appropriate treatment, it is wise to assume that they are geopathically stressed, whether you can detect it or not.

Basically, if someone is sick near you, if there’s mould in your house, if there’s a spring close by, if you don’t sleep too well, then your house and neighbourhood is probably suffering from geopathic stress. They even got oil wells and volcanoes in there for good measure. I won’t be moving to Iraq or Pompeii in a hurry.

Here’s what Wikipedia says about geopathic stress.

38 thoughts on “Geopathic Stress Anyone?

  1. geopathic stress —- electro magnic radation all most distroyed my life.always check that G,S diviners have complementary therapy insurance ….lots of chancers out there.

  2. Re geopathic stress. every house should be tested and neutralised.Advice only get german neutralisers.95% of all illness is geopathic stress related. will tell you more next time re cancer-m.e m.s. Regarda big dan (i was big)


  4. I got my house tested by JSLREMEDIES in the summer of this year.I now have a better quality of life.All my health problems sorted in about 2 mths. Thanks to that company and esp Joe for every thing he done. So do not delay contact Joe to day at

  5. Joe – please stop spamming this post. All the above comments came from addresses and I can’t imagine a sudden interest in Geopathic stress from the Cork area without some motivator.
    I’m going to call you anyway, not for any test but because I’m curious. Claims that “90% OF CANCER PATIENTS HAVE BEEN EXPOSED TO GEOPATHIC STRESS” seems ridiculous and don’t help the cause your championing!

  6. Is there really any remedy for a geopathically stressed home, other than moving out quickly? I have spent a lot of money on healers, a bio-sensor, a Feng Shui specialist, but nothing has helped and I cannot sleep in my home anymore.

  7. What a load of crap! Have you nothing better to do with your money then throw it down the toilet to some hokey scam artist? Fools, fools, fools! This world is full of fools. Why not take that money and your time and feed someone who is hungry, clothe someone, give someone clean water and a fresh bed to sleep in.

  8. My name is brendan murphy, I was just searching the net about Geopathic Stress and came upon this site. Just to fill you in on this GS thing. I am a GS diviner and have been for the past 12 yrs firstly just for fun but for the past 10 yrs it has been my full time job.

    I have been tested by Hospice members in waterford by HOPE in Enniscorthy and by the north wexford cancer support group and by numerous local radio stations including your local station in Cork Donncha Corkfm also by tv crews in the UK and here in ireland. All tests were the same, I was brought to a house where someone had cancer I didn’t know who or what type of cancer they had and i had to tell them the bed they slept in and the part of the body they had the cancer. In all cases I was correct !!!

    So if you haven’t yet bought your house get it checked before you do, but one thing there are a lot of chancers out there, even some with “complimentary insurance” make sure they have been tested publically.

    I’m not looking for work at the moment i have about a six month waiting list i just see to many illness as a result and it all could be avoided if people just knew about Geopathic Stress.

    And Eva no matter how badly effected a house is it can be cleared. At the moment it is an optional extra for all new homes built by David Flynn (DFL) and Neville builders to be cleared before you buy. Just in case you don’t know who they are they are two of the biggest builders in the south east.

    Take care

  9. Very impressed Brendan, How do you clear house? Please do not advise me to buy a machine/ or use copper pipe around my house.Await your suggestions.Thanks

  10. I have been working on Geopathic Stress now for some years, and have recently discovered that not all “black lines” and spirals are caused by underground water or fissures.

    In the past, I have discovered “black” lines passing through a bed, at the site of the affected organ, but when I followed them they form a curious loop – fissures and underground strems don’t travel in loops. These I eventually traced to nearby cemeteries – very odd, to put it mildly!
    It appears when a person has an illness or potential illness, they imprint their unhealthy energies into their bed, or even armchair, and this attracts unhealthy microwave energies from graves into the centre. Every ancient culture seems to have been aware of these, but not ours.
    See my website and click on the picture of the round tower of Ireland for more information and simple and cheap ways to eliminate this form of energy. At present I can only say that there is a link between these energies and ill-health, whether they actually cause them or make them worse I do not know.

  11. Hi Sandra,

    Unfortunately there is no simple way to clear GS, but one option that will cost you nothibg is to change to position of your furniture especially your bed. GS is not a gas so it will not dissipate in air. If you think you may be effected by GS then you can place tin-foil underneath your matress and this will stop it for about ten days or so and if in this time you notice an improvement in your sleep pattern or your energy levels then you may very well be sleeping over a GS area.

    David no disrespect to you, but micro wave transmittions can be measured with a gauss meter and I can assure you dead people do not have the ability to generate these waves !!!! Possibly what you are finding is if they are not caused by water they may be “Curry lines” or part of the “Hartmann Grid”. As for the unhealthy energies, what you are talking about here are “resonance frequencies” and they cannot last longet than a few seconds after the source is gone ie: a person.

    Sandra I hope this of some help to you, if however you wish to leave a reply I will check in on this site again in a few days.


  12. Brendan,
    I can understand your reluctance to believe that the energies I find from graveyards are microwave, but they certainly are not underground water or Hartmann/curry grids.

    They behave in a very similar way to microwave aerials, but they spiral up from individual graves – one spiral clockwise from the head/chest area and one anti-clockwise.

    About 2 1/2 inches wavelength, and the wavelengths are very close together.

    They are quite extraordinary – they seem to have a link with the house the deceased lived in, and even the bed the person slept in when alive, which astounds me – I can now check a bed and find a black spiral from one of these graves at the site of illness of the present occupier, whether it is involved in making the illness worse or not I don’t yet know.

    There is no doubt in my mind that these energies are real – our ancestors knew about them, especially in ancient China and other countries, but whether they are a very subtle part of the electro-magnetic spectrum which only an experienced dowser can find, or some other form of energy which science can’t understand I don’t know.

    Perhaps other dowsers could try and find these waves – they may be a very important part of lost knowledge, whether involved in ill-health or the survival of the human spirit or both.

    One final point – many of the burial-grounds in my area have been carefully placed above volcanic dykes and faults. Our ancestors knew about these energies and used them (or annulled the unhealthy component?) but these strange energies from individual graves are not dumped back into the planet as I expected.

    Some types of stone circles are also placed above fault lines, and all of the cup-marked stones in my area as well.
    Best Wishes,
    David R. Cowan

  13. Followed this site with interest. I know of three people with cancer who lived in houses with geopathic stress, one of whom subsequently died. It’s not so commonly known that it also leads to marriage breakdown, and to a high level of electrical breakdowns in the house. As someone who has experienced all 3 of of the above, it exists, folks!! Get any new houses checked before you move into them. Some people are drawn to houses with it, so if you want your relationship to last, all the more reason to have it checked.

  14. Donncha, Re Geopathic Stress i am really surprised at you to print such a stupit comment / to use your head lines LAUGHABLE comments i did like your sites now i will never visit AGAIN AS YOU CAN SEE I SET UP A SPESIAL EMAIL ON MY FRIENDS COPUTER ,

  15. I spotted a reference to “geopathic stress” in today’s health supplement to the Irish Examiner and googled GS. I had never heard of GS and I’m wondering if this can be caused by underground water pipes also? Or is is strictly naturally occurring watercourses?

  16. Hi Sandra, Just a note re tinfoil under your bed i suggest you check first for Electric Alternating Fields ,however an easy is to get your own polarity checked

  17. A lot of bunk out there regarding geopathic stress. A very good arguement that a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. Insurance companies have cancer maps!!! Some areas are more prone to sickness. There is an old saying ‘look to where the children play and are happy, and where the old live a long time, that is a good place to live. The Hunzas the Valencumbrians and Okinawians are the most long lived peoples. They have superb water for themselves, their animals AND gardens, plus an attitude. Electromagnetic stress is only one aspect toward health. Many fools go overboard with it and pray on fear to earn money here. I’m a member of The Society of Dowsers. Even within this organisation, many are constantly paranoid of being across an unhealthy line… Most churches are built on old pagan sites that were chosen by druids who dowsed. A study by a dowser of ‘ghost’ villages in New guinea revealed that these unproductive sites where miscarriages, poor animal health and general misfortune prevailed were over underground stream CROSSINGS. If you need a consultant, find an older well respected person. Tree rot, branches growing toward the ground, trunks growing angled on more than 1 or 2 trees is an indication of lines of harmful rays. I myself have had dowsing rods bend just over culverts, 200mm pipes with only minor flowing water. At the end of the day, many factors work together. Street name, number, and geomantic factors regarding construction of buldings, lay of the land, are important too. Outgasing of harmful substances from man made materials and naturally occurring substances like foliage type within area, the SMELL of the SOIL and ROCKS are proportionally higher considerations than other factors… Common sense must prevail, as going off emotionally and rationalisations are rife amongst do it yourselfers, causing more harm than good. Generally, streets where houses are tidy, people are happy, and the vibe is pleasant are good places to start. Emotional baggage of inhabitants, can, after years of dwelling, can leave vapours that can be removed by replacing carpets, cleaning and painting. This is not an easy subject, geomancy is an olde science. A scientific mind must be utilised. The influences change constantly, the earth is not static!!! I recently attended a weekend workshop in a catholic retreat center than was built in the 70’s with experimental architecture, including bizarre roof design. At the onsite cemetary I noticed that most of the brothers passed away before 65 yeats old!! The buildings *felt* awful to me. No one seemed to be aware of this connection…So, if UK men are some of the most virile in the world, the women some of the largest breasted, the world speaking english, the dutch some of the tallest, the French and Germans world leaders in many fields, it can probably be indicative of some aspects of LOCATION. For, apart from air and water quality, smell of soil and rock, food quality, electromagnetic radiation all contribute to the whole at a very base primordial level of existance. I dont have products or services, but you can send money if you wish!! HAHAHA

  18. I live in waterford,were livin in our house for the past 5 yrs now. i have been suffering from panic attacks,depression,and now unusual back problems for the past2 yrs now,they only occour when im sleeping,and the pain gets so bad i have to get up.and after an hour or so the pain is gone.i have just heard about geopathic stress and was told to get my house checked. i was just wonderin how much it will cost? and who to go to? viv

  19. Vivienne,
    Have a look at my website if y0ou have not already done so, especially my most recent research – click on picture of Irish round Tower and you will find out about spirit lines which seem to be present in every case of illness I have encountered so far.

    You may be able to clear your living space on your own via this website.

    Alternatively, contact the Britih Society of Dowsers.

    Also, read Dr. Batmanghelidj’s book on water and salt. He believes that we are all badly dehydrated, epecially coffee/tea/alcahol drinkers, and should take sea salt plus two quarts water per day. Have tried it myself and found the results impressive.

    Best Wishes,
    David R. Cowan

  20. geopathic stress —- electro magnic radation all most distroyed my life.always check that G,S diviners have complementary therapy insurance ….lots of chancers out there.

  21. Interesting sequence of responses to this article.

    Yes, Geopathic Energies do exist, and Yes, they have a tremendous negative impact on human life. It can cause or propogate physical illness, mental disorders, all around dysfuncionality (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual).

    The good news is, Geopathic Stress can be permanently removed and the effects of it can be healed. How do I know? I’ve been clearing these energies effectively for almost 20 years, using some very advanced spiritual protocols.

    Best Wishes, Robert

  22. Geopathic stress is real and can create serious health problems. One can easily dowse for it (well, it does require some training) and there are simple and free solutions, as well as commercial devices, some of questionable value.

    Once you detect and mark an incoming (important!) harmful energy line – you can either deflect, block or neutralize it. Actually only neutralizing the harmful component is what I’d recommend as you are not messing with the natural forces.

  23. Sonny Baja from the Los Angelos chapter of the Hells Angels once said ” In the breeze is where its at, and no chick can beat that”.
    Taken metaphorically, I feel there is some value to this statement….

  24. Come on Donncha….you linked wikipedia’s Ley Line definition to Geopathic Stress. GS is a broad category for many forms of natural energy emissions from the earth, of which Ley Lines are just one.

    THanks David Cowan for that great info I’ve not found elsewhere…it certainly explains a lot of what we have experienced in testing but not been able to pinpoint.

  25. hey there,

    I’ve just been reading through this discussion with interest.

    I’ve been living in a house for about 8 years. During this time, I’ve had huge problems with flooding drains, two relationships broke up, I nearly died from internal bleeding, and then nearly died by my own hand from depression.

    I pooh-poohed the idea that it might be Geopathic Stress for a while but read a book about it anyway. I have been told today that the house has severe geopathic stress. He also said that my body has absorbed a lot of this stress. I could buy an electronic thing which neutralises the effects of the stress but I don’t have the money (lost my job too). Even the ‘charged card’ costs about 25 euros. And that would just help me, not the house.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    1. can you tell me where do you live ? meaning whay county ? can you move your bed ? ireland is by far the worst country for geopathic stress, i would be suggesting move bed as i am sure part of your home is G S free ?

  26. Wow, talk about pseudoscience in the extreme. Anyone claiming that “geopathic stress” is an actual phenomenon is a scam artist in the business of quackery, and anyone who actually believes them is an idiot with no real science education.

    1. I’m a control systems designer – electrical engineering – so I’m essentially technical, scientific and logical generally speaking. I’ve lived in the same house for 25 years and have come to the conclusion just recently that my house is having a detrimental effect on me, the area my house is in is generally bad and the entire town has a very high incidence of geopathic stress problems. It turns out that the area in which my house is has always had a bad reputation that seems to be ingrained into the folklore of the area. While attempting to find out more I’ve noticed some other odd effects to do with plant life and electrical devices. If you keep an eye on hedges and trees and how they grow you will notice that they some times appear to have areas where the shrub or tree doesn’t grow, the non growth area will often form a sort of tunnel through the tree or shrub and often this tunnel will line up with electrical devices such as street lamps as if the street lamp is projecting discrete beams of some type of energy which limit the growth of plants along the beam path.
      There does appear to be some sort of link between the energies that exist where geopathic stress occurs and a type of energy field produced by electrical devices that is something other than the standard electromagnetic field energy that is easily measured using standard instruments.

  27. Does anyone know someone that can check for all kinds of gasses and molds etc in a home? I’m having health issues and need to find out if it’s my house. Thanks

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