A lot of bunk out there regarding geopathic stress. A very good arguement that a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. Insurance companies have cancer maps!!! Some areas are more prone to sickness. There is an old saying ‘look to where the children play and are happy, and where the old live a long time, that is a good place to live. The Hunzas the Valencumbrians and Okinawians are the most long lived peoples. They have superb water for themselves, their animals AND gardens, plus an attitude. Electromagnetic stress is only one aspect toward health. Many fools go overboard with it and pray on fear to earn money here. I’m a member of The Society of Dowsers. Even within this organisation, many are constantly paranoid of being across an unhealthy line… Most churches are built on old pagan sites that were chosen by druids who dowsed. A study by a dowser of ‘ghost’ villages in New guinea revealed that these unproductive sites where miscarriages, poor animal health and general misfortune prevailed were over underground stream CROSSINGS. If you need a consultant, find an older well respected person. Tree rot, branches growing toward the ground, trunks growing angled on more than 1 or 2 trees is an indication of lines of harmful rays. I myself have had dowsing rods bend just over culverts, 200mm pipes with only minor flowing water. At the end of the day, many factors work together. Street name, number, and geomantic factors regarding construction of buldings, lay of the land, are important too. Outgasing of harmful substances from man made materials and naturally occurring substances like foliage type within area, the SMELL of the SOIL and ROCKS are proportionally higher considerations than other factors… Common sense must prevail, as going off emotionally and rationalisations are rife amongst do it yourselfers, causing more harm than good. Generally, streets where houses are tidy, people are happy, and the vibe is pleasant are good places to start. Emotional baggage of inhabitants, can, after years of dwelling, can leave vapours that can be removed by replacing carpets, cleaning and painting. This is not an easy subject, geomancy is an olde science. A scientific mind must be utilised. The influences change constantly, the earth is not static!!! I recently attended a weekend workshop in a catholic retreat center than was built in the 70’s with experimental architecture, including bizarre roof design. At the onsite cemetary I noticed that most of the brothers passed away before 65 yeats old!! The buildings *felt* awful to me. No one seemed to be aware of this connection…So, if UK men are some of the most virile in the world, the women some of the largest breasted, the world speaking english, the dutch some of the tallest, the French and Germans world leaders in many fields, it can probably be indicative of some aspects of LOCATION. For, apart from air and water quality, smell of soil and rock, food quality, electromagnetic radiation all contribute to the whole at a very base primordial level of existance. I dont have products or services, but you can send money if you wish!! HAHAHA