My name is brendan murphy, I was just searching the net about Geopathic Stress and came upon this site. Just to fill you in on this GS thing. I am a GS diviner and have been for the past 12 yrs firstly just for fun but for the past 10 yrs it has been my full time job.

I have been tested by Hospice members in waterford by HOPE in Enniscorthy and by the north wexford cancer support group and by numerous local radio stations including your local station in Cork Donncha Corkfm also by tv crews in the UK and here in ireland. All tests were the same, I was brought to a house where someone had cancer I didn’t know who or what type of cancer they had and i had to tell them the bed they slept in and the part of the body they had the cancer. In all cases I was correct !!!

So if you haven’t yet bought your house get it checked before you do, but one thing there are a lot of chancers out there, even some with “complimentary insurance” make sure they have been tested publically.

I’m not looking for work at the moment i have about a six month waiting list i just see to many illness as a result and it all could be avoided if people just knew about Geopathic Stress.

And Eva no matter how badly effected a house is it can be cleared. At the moment it is an optional extra for all new homes built by David Flynn (DFL) and Neville builders to be cleared before you buy. Just in case you don’t know who they are they are two of the biggest builders in the south east.

Take care