I’m a control systems designer – electrical engineering – so I’m essentially technical, scientific and logical generally speaking. I’ve lived in the same house for 25 years and have come to the conclusion just recently that my house is having a detrimental effect on me, the area my house is in is generally bad and the entire town has a very high incidence of geopathic stress problems. It turns out that the area in which my house is has always had a bad reputation that seems to be ingrained into the folklore of the area. While attempting to find out more I’ve noticed some other odd effects to do with plant life and electrical devices. If you keep an eye on hedges and trees and how they grow you will notice that they some times appear to have areas where the shrub or tree doesn’t grow, the non growth area will often form a sort of tunnel through the tree or shrub and often this tunnel will line up with electrical devices such as street lamps as if the street lamp is projecting discrete beams of some type of energy which limit the growth of plants along the beam path.
There does appear to be some sort of link between the energies that exist where geopathic stress occurs and a type of energy field produced by electrical devices that is something other than the standard electromagnetic field energy that is easily measured using standard instruments.