Red Hat 9 stuff

I mentioned the GURU LABS review of Red Hat 9 before but what I forgot to say is that it should be required reading for anyone new to this release of Red Hat 9. It has such a wealth of information! It links to this article on adding eyecandy to Red Hat 9 that explains how to change the cursors in your GUI.
The download page has many useful RPMs, including one for mp3 playback, and some very nice looking screensavers!
You really should install apt-rpm too and then apt-get update; apt-get upgrade as there’s already been a number of updates to Samba, Sendmail, Evolution and other packages. Then grab Synaptic by doing apt-get install synaptic and make your package management life much easier!
If you want mp3 playback easily, it’s also available through apt, just apt-get install xmms-mp3 and launch xmms!
Here’s a long slashdot discussion on the new release.

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