Red Hat 9

This is my first posting from Red Hat 9 and so far I’m impressed!
Fonts in the GUI are nice, and even though I knew about it, the animated cursors and cursor changes are “pretty” and gave me a pleasant surprise!

Out of curiousity I tried configuring a printer and opened the Red Hat Printer Config tool. This turned out to be a very familiar wizard type application.
When I selected “Windows Network (SMB)” printer the tool displayed the PCs on the local network allowing me to choose the printer easily.
The first test print did fail, but that’s because the printer was turned off. When I printed the test page again it printed! The colours looked a bit strange in the colour wheel, White was a gradient from blue to white, Yellow was white!
I’m not too worried however as all I’ll be printing will be b/w text documents.

More on my experiences to follow..

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