Roy Keane,

Indeed God created only one Keane,

I had never read a novel or a book in my life. That had never been my kind of thing but ever since I read your novel from the first page, I gained interest in your book

Whenever one reads the first page, they really would love to see what happened on the next page. A very interesting book I ever read and finished all chapters.

Your character, You just amuse me. You believe in your self and the way you tell the truth(the utmost truth) just beats me, it taught me a lot.

The humor, when some one reads your book they get touched especially when you were still young… How you read the papers to confirm you had been recruited in some foot ball club but your name had not appeared and no matter how many times you read, you couldn’t see your name. I was touched for you…. I got moved…

Determination for what’s best,, Oh my God … for this one I will not comment because I do not have the right words to use… There is some paragraph in the book where you said” I had dreamt about it for as long as I could remember”

Many people in your life, Alfie Haaland…..He was paid in his own currency much as you had not intended to pay him…. This was interesting.

Your appreciation. Much as you had your devices with Brian Clough,, you never forgot what he had done for you and how he did it ( Naturally people forget easily) You never forgot him and was able to understand him even at his extremes when he went ahead and said in the papers that “Roy is a greedy child”

You appreciation for Alex Ferguson… I liked that also… I think he is a great man and every line said about him shows that he is an extraordinary person.

You also saved other future Irish footballers of the bad management and training by telling the truth the about training and management. Here you became the sacrificial lamb but you made it transparent for others.

Humor again when Brian Clough told you he did not want to see some manager the day you went to his office to ask for someday out. The other manager was seated in the corridor and he was told Clough wasn’t around…Life is strange.

Lee Sharpe. A liar ahahahah. How his bad leg gave way as he moved to his car after lying to you that he was doing very fine, kicking the ball. Also when he told you he would not tell the lads about the watch you had bought the watch for 110,000 pounds.

Your bravely…Looking at danger in the eye instead of turning the other cheek…..You could face anyone in the eye without fear…(How you faced Jack Charlton when he was asking why you had delayed the when they decided to wait for you and your pal in the bus).

For sure this is the tenth time I have read your book. Many friends of mine call me ROY KEANE because most of the times they find me reading your book and laughing alone….. I laugh so many times,,,, Please if you have yet written another book after this one, kindly tell me the TITTLE and I will buy it .Here in my country we have a book shop where they can access for us all books thought the world.

I am your fun and will always be…. We miss seeing you on the screen playing but may be in future your son Aidan will play and ………