For the next month or so I'm …

For the next month or so I’m going to be working hard on my college project so updates may not happen that often, maybe once a week (keep an eye on web watcher). I’m enjoying doing the project though. I’m adding some neat features to the web interface by using Javascript, and I’m thinking about adding Javascript here, perhaps for a guestbook. Either that or I might put the guestbook over to the left under the site links (widening that part a bit too at the same time) and make it easy to add a comment. Try plan-example.html for an example of what I might do.
I think the Linux Open-Source philosophy may have found its way into the Quake2 community. Ridah, the author of the Eraser Bot, might be releasing the source to his bot soon. It may not have anything to do with Open-Source, but it would be nice to think it had an influence. There’s also a Linux version of the bot available, but I haven’t tried any recent versions (the zip file is 2.8 megs!) My favourite bot is still the C.R. Bot even if it only works in Windows.

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