Mozilla. Netscape released the …

Mozilla. Netscape released the source code! Check out for more info!
Gravis. According to Gravis will release ALL GUS (Ace/Max/PnP/Extreme) driver sources within a few weeks.
They will be available to every programmer who’s interrested in working on them and agrees to certain terms.
One thing though.. Why certain terms? Are they restrictive? The sound cards are discontinued so why bother hiding secrets about them??
Long delays! Sorry about this, but my 4th year project is rolling along at full speed!
To all you HTML authors have a look at HTML 4. There are numerous extensions added to lots of tags!
My project seems to have equal amounts of Perl and Javascript now! I’m probably going to put most of the code on a page here somewhere at the end of April, along with some simple docs.
Javascript is very handy! I have tables on my pages and I allow the ability to edit each record by clicking on an edit button next to each one.
The record then appears in a new window in text boxes. Before I used Javascript I asked the server to create the editing window HTML but now I figured out how to make Javascript create the HTML! This results in very fast creation of the window.
I will mention one thing though. If you’re stuck trying to get the onSubmit function working in your “FORM” tag use onSubmit=”return func()” where func() is your Javascipt function. Make sure you return false if the function detects an error and return true if everything works! I couldn’t find this anywhere I looked until I looked at the source for the guestbook I might use, so I presume it might be useful to someone out there..
Hornet are re-introducing music ratings! I haven’t downloaded a MOD in ages now so I look forward to seeing the ratings again.
There’ll probably be an update on the openGL code on Thursday so hang on!

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