I might add a guestbook under …

I might add a guestbook under the links at the left. Read the .plan for details and an example of what it would look like.
I got an email from xoom.com saying they’re upgrading their equipment so you may have trouble accessing my page. It IS still here though!
Slashdot.org mentioned the Linux demoscene yesterday!
Check out the article at http://slashdot.org/slashdot.cgi?mode=article&artnum=1025
I’m completely redoing my openGL demo. I’ve introduced a framing system, and I’m trying to figure out textures from the Mesa examples. I’ll also try generating textures (I have some docs here somewhere..), but if I can’t I’ll include some simple ones in the code.
Some of the links have been updated. Check the dates at the side of the page.
I’ve created a Makefile to compile my html pages! It’s really simplistic, but it should also work in college with the AIX machines there. Check out the projects page for it.
I broke 1000 hits! Thanks for visiting all of you! I still recommend you watch The Linux web watcher for updates, but bookmark here anyway 🙂

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