The survivors guide to unemployment

jobless I like this. David Jones was recently laid off from his day job and decided to write a book about his experiences in the hope that it might help others in the same position. The book is called “Oh No: I’ve Lost My Job What Am I Going To Do?” and was written in just a few days.

Last week he was on Newstalk talking about his book when he was contacted by Maryrose Lyons from Brightspark Consulting who suggested that a website would really help his book. I’ll let Gordon continue, he’s one of the team who built the site:

Maryrose gathered a team together consisting of Rachel Earley (Website Graphic designer) , David McDonald (Book Graphic Designer), David Duignan (Photographer), Alex Gibson (Award winning Podcaster ) and myself to put the site together and make the functional stuff like Paypal work.

And so was born Today, for one day only, you can download David’s book for free. It’s only €4.99 anyway, a steal at that price.

It also has a blog, I’m glad to see powered by WordPress. I’m going to subscribe and see what David makes of this opportunity. It’s wonderful to see that WordPress is part of this venture.