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The Irish blogosphere is fired up!


Damien’s post yesterday about Thinkhouse PR generated enough interest among bloggers that the story appeared on! Good to see that the issue is being brought to a wider audience.

He updated his final post on the matter saying that he talked to the Data Protection Commissioner and they did not apologise to Thinkhouse PR so I guess that’s that.

No, one final update. It was a Google refresh after all. Adam Lasnik from the Google Search Quality Team commented that Damien’s post didn’t show in the search results, “due purely to algorithmic factor”. It’ll probably come back shortly in other words. Storm in a tea cup? Thinkhouse PR still spammed him and the investigation done was definitely flawed.


Thinkhouse PR – what's up?

As Damien’s post is missing from Google I think it’s up to the rest of us to spread the word.

Despite contacting them several times over the course of a few weeks Thinkhouse PR continued to spam Damien with product announcements and press releases. On August 23rd he sent a formal complaint to the Data Protection Commissioner and being a blogger, wrote about it too. It is this post that has disappeared from Google’s search. It might be something as innocent as a Google refresh or it might be banned.

If you live outside Ireland, please search for “Thinkhouse PR” and leave a comment here if you see Damien’s post on the front page. Thanks.

Tom has also covered this issue and found out that the Data Protection Commissioner apologised to Thinkhouse PR for investigating them.

Bizarrely, Jane McDaid of Thinkhouse PR in a comment on James‘ site said that the Data Protection Office had apologised for having to follow up the complaint!

Later.. Damien posted the letter he received from the Commissioner. They did investigate, but I think someone in Thinkhouse PR needs to come up with another reason. They stated that it took up to 2 days to remove a user from their lists. Unfortunately for them Damien received his last spam correspondence from them 14 days or more after contacting them. Someone should get a slap on the wrist for this.