SSH Socks Proxy for Android Phones

Android has had VPN support for donkey’s years but I could never get it working. I tried pptpd and xl2tpd but pptpd didn’t work (and has security holes) or the configuration is daunting and lengthy when all I want is a simple proxy. There’s also HTTP proxy support built into […]


Tabbed SSH Sessions in Putty

If you’re a Windows user who uses Putty to ssh to your server you may be annoyed by the fact that you must have a separate window for each ssh session. I know I am, as tabbing through windows to find the right browser window is made just a little […]


How to fix ssh timeout problems

If you use ssh a lot, you may have noticed that your ssh session times out and you’re logged out every once in a while. Annoying isn’t it? Read from remote host Connection reset by peer Connection to closed. There’s a quick fix for that. Actually, there are […]


How to use ssh as a proxy server

Using ssh as a proxy or encrypted tunnel to browse the web can sometimes be necessary: When you’re at a conference but need to login securely to your blog. When local access restrictions make life really difficult. If you have a server in another country and want to see what […]

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