Paul Walsh is a true woman

Go chat with him in Oslo. Better than all that reality tv stuff!

Oh, this is good, if the web business doesn’t work out Paul should consider reality tv. He’s here now. He has possibly missed his flight because his laptop time is on UK time. He’s number 4 in the queue with the airline. Good luck Paul!

Edit: check Paul’s Twitter for further updates. The video is here now!


Who wins the iPod?

When I originally mentioned Paul Walsh’s viral competition to win an iPod I thought he would pick out the winner, but no. He makes me do the dirty deed.

I haven’t announced a winner yet, mainly because my phone line is all crackly and my DSL dies within 10 minutes of going online and then doesn’t come back for hours, but also because it’s difficult to pick one winner:

  • Do I pick someone out at random? That’s the fairest way for all involved.
  • If I pick a winner at random that doesn’t reward people who frequently comment on my blog. Out of all the comments received only three “regulars” participated.
  • My brother commented, and Frank, a friend from school commented. Do I stand accused of favouritism by rewarding one of them?

In the end it was today’s Dilbert cartoon that swung it. My brother Donal gets the iPod. He’s a music nut as you can guess from all the concert photos on his blog, but also a keen musician too. He was best man at my wedding and there was no job too big or small that he couldn’t do to make preparations for that day easier. Thanks Donal and thank you all for participating!

I’m just glad the rest of my family didn’t leave comments or I’d be in a whole heap of trouble picking the winner…

When-in-Ireland WordPress

Irish WordPress powered companies and a free iPod

Matt started the “company website run on WordPress” theme by posting that runs on WordPress, so here are two Irish companies that use WordPress to run their websites:

  1. Segala, a company involved in website accessability and trust. They have rather an interesting idea about content labeling. Paul Walsh, their CEO, “is Segala’s W3C advisory committee representative”. Keep an eye on them. You’ll be hearing more about them I’m sure! Oh, and if you leave a comment here, it may be entered into a link bait competition Paul’s running. He’s giving away an iPod on March 2nd. If he picks you, I’ll email you with Paul’s email address.
  2. The second website I will mention is one outside of the usual web 2.0 zone. It’s Harrington Estates, an estate agent in West Cork, Ireland. Houses are listed in posts, and interested buyers can leave a comment using the standard comment form. Thanks to the SEO friendly nature of WordPress, the site also appears on the front page of Google for related search terms! Thanks Frank for that info!

Are there any more Irish companies using WordPress that I can profile in a future post?

Update – the winner has been announced! Competition closed!