Thumbs up for Rock of Ages

I’ve only played the first two tutorials but it’s enjoyable. Can’t wait to try the split screen multiplayer! Video review above by the Cynical Brit.

And here’s the RPS review of the game. Jim gives it the thumbs up while admitting the game isn’t perfect.


Rock of Ages Gamespot Review

Rock of Ages – Final Trailer (PC, PS3, X360)

Gamespot review

Rock of Ages came out a few days ago on Xbox and it’s reviewed here. It’s not too positive however noting how powerless the defences are against the boulder. Comments on the video differ though and there is a demo on Xbox 360. I have it queued to download so I might try it tonight.

If I get it, it will probably be on Steam. (More on RPS)

Edit: I should point out that discussions on the Steam forums (here and here) are more positive.

My only grudge with this review is that she says defensive units are useless, and if you watch the video review the player that is playing is getting knocked off & damaged on several occasions. That didn’t seem like “useless” to me.

Actually I was bested yesterday by a smart opponent when playing an online match. He used towers and blowers in a very effective way that I didn’t expect.

Oh, and here’s the review thread. It’s a sticky so they’ll collect the reviews there. Looks positive!


Rock of Ages Trailer

Rock of Ages is coming out at the end of August and it looks hilarious. I love the Monty Python feel of it and I’m sure my son is going to adore the rolling around and squashing gameplay!