Ireland voted for marriage equality

They only started counting votes two hours ago but I’ve read that it’s 2:1 in favour of marriage equality in some areas. It’s going to be a landslide! Wow. Until 1993 homosexual activity was illegal in Ireland. That’s not so long ago. It’s amazing how much Ireland changed for the […]


The Legion of Saint Joseph are back!

I knew I recognised the name on that poster. It was created by The Legion of Saint Joseph. They’re the same crowd that dropped a leaflet into our mailbox back in 2012 urging everyone to vote no to the Children’s Rights Amendment referendum that year. Well, wasn’t it all true? […]


Please Vote YES to Marriage Equality in Ireland

On May 22nd there will be a referendum in Ireland asking the population of Ireland to vote on a small change to our constitution: Frances Fitzgerald TD, Minister for Justice and Equality, has today announced the wording agreed by the Government for the constitutional amendment on Marriage Equality. The wording […]

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