b2++ – page freshness, last month? referers

Minor updates:

  1. Add the following code to index.tpl to list your weblog entries from a month ago.

    {todayayearago when='month' heading='<h1>A Month Ago</h1>'}

  2. I added headers to the site to make pages stale. Mail me if you notice a difference.
  3. Referer format has changed slightly. It requires a db update, so the next release will require upgrading users run upgrade.php
  4. Search pages are generated with a different Smarty key. This should remove any highlighting for users who come directly to this site.
  5. I fixed a small html bug in the lastupdated.php script. If URLs aren’t printed properly on the “Last updated” list, then change line 33 so it reads:

    $smarty->assign( "site", "http://" . $basesite );

  6. Added a list of clickable smilies to b2edit. Click to add them to your blog post! 8)

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