Powerful images, can I print this?

Matt posted a picture of Bush that’s made up from the photos of soldiers killed in Iraq. I heard this was printed in the Mirror Newspaper yesterday. It’s a controversial picture, and Matt received 408 comments on this post! In related news, a woman lost her job because she took […]


Poisonous Legacy

Don’t watch this flash animation if you’re squemish, you have been warned! It’s a protest against the use of depleted uranium as ammunition. (Thanks Paul for the link.)


Headlines from 2011

These headlines from the future make for good reading. hehe. President Howard Dean vowed to continue pursuing the missing terrorists, but Richard Perl, Donald Rumsfeld et al. are still at large, being hidden by members of anti-Government militias in remote regions of the mountain states. The cabal took flight following […]

In the news

Work in Progress : Bush’s Wacky Speech

This analysis of Bush’s speech a few days ago is quite entertaining and enlightening! Edit: by 2014-07-02 the above link has become a 404 but I found the original article on It’s amazing to think this was 11 years ago. And so it begins You’ve got to admire our […]

In the news

I'm for War…(Redux) I can’t …

I’m for War…(Redux) I can’t believe I’m going to write this, but I’m having second thoughts about the soon to be launched Gulf War V 1.1. The breaking point came when I read what’s linked above, late last week. Yes that’s right the Bush budget didn’t have a single line […]

In the news

Bulletin: American people supp …

Bulletin: American people support France, Germany over Bush! Now, polls are fickle, and one doesn’t want or expect a leader to make decisions based on them alone. But when an American leader pushes a risky and potentially difficult war, he needs more than a thin and confused margin of support […]

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