So you want to write a video game?

I happened upon a tweet that mentioned a 50 step “how to make a C64 game” series so I searched and found this page. There’s now 52 steps and it’s still being worked on!

If modern platforms are more your thing then check out this playlist by RedReaper132 on Youtube. It’s a good series to learn about SDL and OpenGL. He keeps things simple but covers the basics of game development; setting up an IDE and compiler, game loops and events, collision detection and more.

Once you’ve watched and digested those, look at this SDL game framework series by Tim Jones. The code in these tutorials is more complicated as the author uses classes, virtual functions and other features of C++. It’s not as accessible as the YT videos but when you get to tutorials like this entities one you’ll appreciate the thought put into the code layout.

Me? I’d like to do a version of Arkanoid 2..