Testing the Developer

Usability testing can be daunting and goes overlooked in the rush to get things out the door, but it’s important, if somewhat hard on the egos of developers when their super-duper ideas are torn down and trodden on!
See the great comic too! hehe.

Easter Is

It appears that Easter is at the end of March this year…

echo Easter is `echo 2005 '[ddsf[lfp[too early]\
-d[30+]s@21>@dld+7%-7+[March ]smd\
[31-[April ]sm]s@31<@psnlmPpsn1z>p]splpx' | dc`

(Thanks to Stewie for that scary nugget of code!)

Generation Perplexed – Technology Waves and Undertow

How Does One Keep Up? – how many computer languages and concepts have you learned and abandoned in your career? How often do you think you’ll do the same in the future?
Unless you work on Cobol then you’re probably like me and Tom and you’ve gone through several iterations – 6502, 8×86, 68000 Assembly, Pascal, C, C++, PHP, etc etc..
It scared me at one stage but now it’s fascinating.. all this new stuff to learn and find out about! Woo!
This article on technomasochism is more relevant to all you UI watchers.. how much pain will users put up with? Quite a lot in my experiences!

MySQL: Finding the records in one table that are not in another table

OK, this’ll make users of “proper databases” cringe but because MySQL doesn’t support sub-selects you can’t do the most obvious way of selecting records in one table that aren’t in another. Here’s how it’s done, with a clear explanation of why it works!
select po.id
from po left join pn
on po.id=pn.id
where pn.id is null

Unfortunately, I can’t figure out how to filter the second table as I don’t want to select from the whole table, only a subset. Anyone solved this?

The Joy of Usability

The comic going along with this article really caught my attention – how many times have you taken apart an old joystick to add the auto-fire switch from another joystick, or to repair the plastic struts that broke while you were playing Combat School! 🙂
Must read OK/Cancel: The Joy of Usability too of course!

UI is Humble

Rand looks at NewsFire and is amazed.

That’s right. It is simple. In fact, your first impression is that you could fire up Interface Builder and slap this together in a ten short minutes. You’re really quite wrong. Keep using the product. Add some feeds… read some articles… and you’ll start to appreciate the work that has gone into this application.