b2 and Smarty Updates

*phew* Got a lot done tonight: b2 is playing nicely with Smarty. The main index page, comments, trackback and pingback popups are working. I modified the template edit page to edit the .tpl files in the template directory *only* as the user really shouldn’t be seeing PHP. The most complex […]


Java Developer's Journal – Des …

Mention the latest design pattern and suddenly your peers will see you as a genius of software engineering, “…you see I have employed the Decorator pattern for this particular class…” While you’re fighting the urge to give them a good slap, allow me to let you into the big secret. […]

Development , Humour , Linux

Via Camworld: Mirror of The An …

Via Camworld: Mirror of The Anti Porn Guy – I can’t believe that people still think like this! Al Gore on Bush: Corporate Lacky. I have no idea who Martha Stewart is, and frankly I don’t think I’m missing much. Has anyone noticed that Irish and English soaps center around […]

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