b2 and Smarty Updates

*phew* Got a lot done tonight:

  • b2 is playing nicely with Smarty. The main index page, comments, trackback and pingback popups are working.
  • I modified the template edit page to edit the .tpl files in the template directory *only* as the user really shouldn’t be seeing PHP. The most complex code in the templates is an if-else statment in some of the popups.
  • I created a “new blog” php script based on the register script. Fill it in and it’ll email me. Once I veriify the person I click on the b2install.php file of the new blog and create the db/finish the install. It also emails the user to tell them the blog is ready. An “exit” command in b2config stops the user using the blog until I verify who they are. (This is important for my own case
  • The b2options page has been expanded to edit the name and description of the blog.

It’s not all perfect though. When a user registers they’re asked to login as “admin”, not the username they entered on registering..
I may call the b2install script when the user registers so they can enter profile information on registration. I can default to displaying the user first name on blog posts instead of “admin”. Would be nicer.
You want a URL? Mail me! Address is over there on the left I think!


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I have no idea who Martha Stewart is, and frankly I don’t think I’m missing much.

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Slashdot: The Future Of The 2.0 Linux Kernel – I’m still using a machine at work with 2.0 on it! It was critical to our business until a few months ago but still running a few small apps.

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