CVS Insanity, or what?

ah ha! This is handy! How to use CVS without going insane is a list of must-have commands for creating, maintaining and using a CVS repository, or maybe I should use something else?


C64 Python!

Ooh! Cool! Python on the C64! including a screenshot of the interpreter working. Must download and play with this! hehe.


S60 Python – on your mobile!

It looks like Python may be making it’s way to a Series 60 mobile phone soon! I may actually learn how to code in Python if this becomes available! On that note, I may buy a new phone. The keyboard on my 7650 is getting cranky, some keys need to […]


Why C Is Not My Favourite Programming Language

I got about half way through this article before I realised I’m really not interested in it. If I was coding a demo or something that was performance critical then I’d use C/C++ possibly with a dash of ASM but otherwise, give me the garbage collecting, lots of data types, […]


Development stuff

Introduction to the Firebird Database – A brief introduction, but good reading if you haven’t used it (like me!) Custom Underlines – oh cute! CSS underlining of links using graphics!


Computer Science, what is it?

A long thread on Computer Science was started by Niall O Broin earlier today. It went through the usual arguments about what constituted CS and what was important. Some argued that low lever languages were a waste of time as most developers won’t ever touch that aspect of programming, but […]


Simple Tricks for More Usable Forms

Simon Sillison posted a great article on making forms more usable. I use a few of the techniques already but I didn’t know others. A comment left on his site indicates problems with browsers other than Mozilla, so maybe it’s about time you all upgrade! 😉

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