Freespin – a 1541 demo

Demos come in all shapes and sizes, 4k, 64k, intros, demos and more, but I think this is the first time I’ve seen a demo running on a Commodore 64 disc drive, or 1541 drive. You can read more about it on the Freespin homepage. The 1541 family of drives […]


Unboxed is Incredible

Unboxed, a Commodore 64 demo by Bonzai takes scrolling messages to the next level, and it’s even GDPR compliant! Absolutely amazing stuff.


Introduction to C64 demo coding

.C:2101 A9 3A LDA #$3A .C:2103 CD 12 D0 CMP $D012 .C:2106 D0 FB BNE $2103 .C:2108 A2 09 LDX #$09 .C:210a CA DEX .C:210b D0 FD BNE $210A .C:210d A2 00 LDX #$00 .C:210f BD 00 09 LDA $0900,X .C:2112 8D 21 D0 STA $D021 .C:2115 8D 20 D0 […]

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