Enclosures in WordPress

This is test post. There’s an enclosure attached to this post so take a look at my rss2 feed to find it! Add the URL of the enclosed media file by pasting it into the “Enclosures” text field. WordPress will figure out how big the file is, and the type […]


LiveSearch – Search Results As You Type

Now, this is a bit of a downer. LiveSearch looks like an excellent way to search because, as you type search results pop up magically! Unfortunately it’s licensed under the Apache 2.0 License which is incompatible with the GPL, the license uner which WordPress is distributed. It would be legal […]


WPMU 0.1.2

Here’s another minor release, but with a few changes: Installer is slightly friendlier. I added code to detect incorrect permissions on directories and files left over after the install – instructions included on fixing! Themes support revamped – 10 themes are packaged in a seperate package. Updates to the WordPress […]


WPMU Static Pages

Ryan Boren has created an excellent “Pages” interface for WP 1.3 but up until now it was useless for WPMU. This afternoon I built on top of that work by adding support for displaying those pages. Simply create a page, give it a name and then call your blog, appending […]


WPMU Theme Switcher

I did a quick rewrite of the WPMU theme switcher tonight. I should have another release out tomorrow morning with that in it. Adding a new theme proved to be quite easy once I had one done! Much Later – 10 themes in there now! Go take a look if […]


WordPress Multiuser 0.1

The very first release of WPMU, WordPress Multi User, is out now and is available for download! It’s the software the runs this site. It’s a version of WordPress that uses Smarty for templating support and multiple blogs can be runs from the same install! This version does not have […]


XSS Security Holes in WordPress Blogging Tool

This Netcraft security alert should be read by anyone who runs a WordPress blog. When you access the admin section of your blog you may be redirected elsewhere. “We are disappointed that we were not given the opportunity to release fixes for the problems before the information was made public, […]

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