Click Counter Plugin For WordPress

Ooh, nice! A click counter for WordPress! It comes in two parts – a redirect script and a WordPress plugin. I wasn’t sure how well it’d work but it was simple to install – after modifying the sql to record and recognise each blog ID all I had to do […]


Custom Fields in WPMU

You can now use custom fields to execute functions in WPMU! Currently there’s only one function, that’s “photoblog” but more will come. When you’re writing a post, click the “advanced editing” button and scroll down. You’ll see text boxes where you can enter custom field keys and values. Now, edit […]


Popular Posts Update

The popular posts plugin was broken, but it’s fixed now. Update your template so it looks like this if you want to use it: {popularposts} {if $pposts != ”} <br />Most Popular Posts<br /><br /> {foreach from=$pposts key=key item=details} <nobr><a href=”{$details.url}” title='{$details.title}’>{$details.title|truncate:30:”…”}</a>: {$key}</nobr><br /> {/foreach} {/if}


Summary Feeds – why no links?

If you’ve wondered why your RSS feed here doesn’t have any feeds, that’s because WordPress by default displays only summaries. To show the full text and mark-up of your posts, go into Options->Reading and click “full text” for the option, “For each article, show:” God damn bookmarklet, kills my browser […]


Oh woh is me! Comment Spam Already!

It didn’t take long for the comment spammers to figure out we’re running WordPress here. I got a dozen requests to moderate comments this morning. Mark did too, but he had turned off the notification in WP so there may be a bug there somewhere. Expect test comments to appear […]


WordPress Tags – Use Them!

Someone on #wordpress asked how they could list the number of posts in every category. They were pointed at this page in the support forum. Even though we’re using Smarty as the templating system here, what’s stated there applies here! Add the following parameter to the call to {list_cats}:optioncount=1 ie. […]


WP Database Error – edit.php

Mark found a bug in the backend but it’s been discovered already and discussed. I applied my own fix below.. Error: Warning: join(): Bad arguments. in …/wp-admin/edit.php on line 13 Fix: if( is_array( $editable ) == false )   $editable = array( “1” ); $editable = join(‘,’, $editable); On another note, […]


Now Running WordPress

The site is now running on WordPress. I’m going to get some breakfast. Much Later – Still problems with feeds. I’m updating tonight to the CVS snapshot of WordPress from this morning so breakages are likely, but hang on in there! We’re almost home! Later Still – Merging of the […]


PictPress – WordPress Gallery Plugin

Oooh, PictPress looks nice but I’ll have to put some restrictions on usage here as convert is such a dog on any system! Hmm, it’ll need some sort of upload facility in the backend too as it’s impossible to create directories in the images folder right now.

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WordPress and Smarty

I was drafted in to help on WordPress a long time ago. Unfortunately I haven’t done much work on any OSS projects in a while and it was bothering me. I did do some useful work though – I found out that the Smarty register_resource construct was buggy when using […]

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