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The Previous Page, Next Page function works again in WPMU. Not sure what fixed it but it was likely some WordPress core change, probably the upgrade to the CVS version did it.
Anyway, to get it working, administrators should edit their wp-inst/.htaccess and add the following line (somewhere in the middle,I don’t think it really matters where!)

RewriteRule ^page/?([0-9]+)?/?$ /wp-inst/index.php?paged=$1 [QSA]

Now, edit your index.html template and add the following at the end of your content section, or wherever you want the links to appear:


That’s it! Refresh your browser and the links should appear! Oh, and you may notice I updated the photoblog plugin – it now links to the blog post about the photo, even when displaying random photos. So, feel free to comment, I love to hear what people think of my photos!

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