It's strange. Something's amis …

It’s strange. Something’s amiss. I come in the front door and there’s no scuffling sound from the front room. No sound of padded feet hitting the carpet off the sofa. No sight through the distorted glass door of the fuzzy white/brown shape lying on the kitchen floor. Nothing to step over when I want to sit down at the kitchen table. Nothing lying under there asleep. Better be careful opening the door, bet she’s sleeping there.
It’s strange. I get my breakfast cereal and almost say, “Good girl Spring, we’ll go for a W-A-L-K in a minute”. She dosn’t know how to spell you see. A part of my brain says that, yeah, Spring would like the scraps of my dinner. She likes fish. My brain says, “look around, she’s there somewhere!”
It’s strange. What a sh*t day at work. I’m wrecked. I just want to veg. I don’t want to talk to anyone. “Hi Spring! Waiting for me at the front door are you?”
She’s the only dog I know who’d give both you paws. I trained her many years ago in our kitchen using raisons. “Sit Spring! Sit! Good girl! Now, give me the paw. Good girl. Give me the other paw. You’re a greeaaat girl!”
Goodbye friend.


I'm at home today so posting w …

I’m at home today so posting will be light. Spring will be put to sleep later.


Walkies! That's a word likely …

Walkies! That’s a word likely to get many dogs running around in circles excited at the prospect of a walk. My dog Spring is the same.
Last week we took Spring to the vet because she hasn’t been eating well. After a blood test was taken it turns out she has some kidney damage and well, she’s growing old. She’s a 13 1/2 year old Springer Spaniel.
The vet gave her several injections and she’s feelng much better now, and she’s on a special diet low in protein, and high in phosphorous (I think). It all helps, but time is ticking away and we’ll have to make a hard decision in a few months time.
This afternoon I took her out for a walk down to the Atlantic Pond here in Blackrock. She had a great time! I snapped plenty of photos, and even used the movie function of my camera to capture a few moments of her showing a stick who’s the boss. Up until today I never used the movie function much, but I’m glad it’s there now!
Anyway, that was a completely non-techie and non-current-affairs update from me this time. I’ll likely post some photographs in a few days.. I snapped a few nice ones.

Donncha When-in-Ireland

John Tierney, friend and class …

John Tierney, friend and classmate, died in 1996 in a car accident in Limerick. I debated long and hard with myself all day whether I should post this or not. I searched extensively on various Irish news sites for reports on the crash but to no avail. Their archives just don’t go back that far. A search on found an article about it (second link on that page), but it’s subscription only so I can’t link to it. It seems so meager and little to do but hopefully if my classmates google for details about the accident they’ll find my webpage and this commentry.

The photo below is a detail from the college newsletter of the week following the accident. I found it while cleaning up at home and took a photo of it with my digital camera.

If you’re reading this and you write a weblog, please link to this commentry with John’s name in the link, I want there to be something to find..