Our Family Cat, Puss

You know, we never named our cat. I like to think it’s because cats are always half wild and you’re never sure what they’ll do. That’s certainly true for Puss. One moment you’re rubbing her soft fur, or scratching behind her ear, she’s purring and you’re relaxed. The next moment she has her claws into your wrist and her jaws are going for the flesh between your thumb and first finger.. ah.
Come to think of it, that pain doesn’t compare to the time she got caught up a tree in a gale. Yours truely had to go up fetch her down. As I dropped her down to my brother on the ground she did not want to let go of my hand at all!
She was a damn lucky cat too. While holidaying with my aunt, my brother and sister found her in Co. Cork up the side of mountain trail. She was meowing and thin and looking for food. For some reason they took her the many miles home to Cork. In the late Summer of 1989 we didn’t have a pet, never had one, and weren’t going to have one. However despite that, it was clear from the start that she adopted us.
“I want food!” “Give me attention!” “Go away, I’m tired!”
Such is the life of a cat.
Did I say she was lucky? She’s had her scrapes. On St. Stephen’s Day (Boxing Day) 1990 she jumped out of her box late at night. Unfortunately there was a fishing hook hanging down from the shelf above. She got caught in it and raced up the garden in great pain. When I heard the commotion, the meowing and the crying, I raced outside in pijamas, picked her up and cradled her as I took her indoors. The hook had lodged in her belly and her paw had stuck in the briars at the other end of the hook. I cradled her for what seemed like ages while my father rang a vet. I’m not sure at this stage did he call out to us, or did we call to his surgery, but he sorted her out. We continued to bring both Spring and Puss to the same vet for the last 14 years.
I rang home last Saturday to hear bad news. Unfortunately, Puss hadn’t been too well of late, she wasn’t eating, and was very lethargic. When I left for Chicago I guessed there might not be too much time left for her. I was right.
She was put to sleep last Wednesday. It must have been very hard on my father and brother to bring her to the vet, but it was the only humane thing to do.
Cats are known to be solitary creatures, they like their own company and shy away from human contact. Maybe that’s true in the wild, but I wouldn’t believe it for a moment when it comes to domesticated cats. Puss was part of the family, as was Spring.

It's strange. Something's amis …

It’s strange. Something’s amiss. I come in the front door and there’s no scuffling sound from the front room. No sound of padded feet hitting the carpet off the sofa. No sight through the distorted glass door of the fuzzy white/brown shape lying on the kitchen floor. Nothing to step over when I want to sit down at the kitchen table. Nothing lying under there asleep. Better be careful opening the door, bet she’s sleeping there.
It’s strange. I get my breakfast cereal and almost say, “Good girl Spring, we’ll go for a W-A-L-K in a minute”. She dosn’t know how to spell you see. A part of my brain says that, yeah, Spring would like the scraps of my dinner. She likes fish. My brain says, “look around, she’s there somewhere!”
It’s strange. What a sh*t day at work. I’m wrecked. I just want to veg. I don’t want to talk to anyone. “Hi Spring! Waiting for me at the front door are you?”
She’s the only dog I know who’d give both you paws. I trained her many years ago in our kitchen using raisons. “Sit Spring! Sit! Good girl! Now, give me the paw. Good girl. Give me the other paw. You’re a greeaaat girl!”
Goodbye friend.

Walkies! That's a word likely …

Walkies! That’s a word likely to get many dogs running around in circles excited at the prospect of a walk. My dog Spring is the same.
Last week we took Spring to the vet because she hasn’t been eating well. After a blood test was taken it turns out she has some kidney damage and well, she’s growing old. She’s a 13 1/2 year old Springer Spaniel.
The vet gave her several injections and she’s feelng much better now, and she’s on a special diet low in protein, and high in phosphorous (I think). It all helps, but time is ticking away and we’ll have to make a hard decision in a few months time.
This afternoon I took her out for a walk down to the Atlantic Pond here in Blackrock. She had a great time! I snapped plenty of photos, and even used the movie function of my camera to capture a few moments of her showing a stick who’s the boss. Up until today I never used the movie function much, but I’m glad it’s there now!
Anyway, that was a completely non-techie and non-current-affairs update from me this time. I’ll likely post some photographs in a few days.. I snapped a few nice ones.