KSP has tutorials now!

I noticed that Kerbal Space Program recently added another Easter egg to the Mun, which was enough reason for me to fire up the game again. (It was given away for free on Epicgames recently, so you probably have it!)

I had to reinstall it as it wouldn’t launch with my mods, but when I fired it up I saw there are now training missions.

I jumped ahead to the two Mun missions. The first one is getting from Kerbin orbit to the Mun. The instructions are clear and fairly easy to follow, I imagine, for someone who hasn’t done it before. The second part starts with you in orbit around the Mun and you have to land. I wish I had that ten years ago! Setting the apoapsis to a low altitude of about 6km and with a 4 star pilot it was simple to land. Just set the rocket to retrograde. The instructions to power up or down got a bit much and I forgot you can feather the throttle with CAPSLOCK (but I’ve mapped ESC to that key anyway…) which would help. When you’re only travelling at 3-5m/s it’s easy to reverse course.

When you try getting to the Mun outside the training missions, you’ll need about 7500 Delta-V to get there, land and return to Kerbin according to this old tutorial on the KSP wiki, but there are other tutorials now.

If you want to install mods, you should probably use CKAN. I need to get it working again and install Mechjeb and whatever the kids are playing with these days. My old computer isn’t that powerful, so I guess I’m not going for any of the graphical upgrades.

The training missions were a success. I landed on the Mun and returned to Kerbin in both missions. That was very satisfying.

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