Lightroom Classic does not have access to some Standard folders.

I have found a brand new error in Lightroom that doesn’t appear in search engines yet. It started happening after the update today. There are similar error messages reported on the Adobe forums, but not this one.

Unfortunately, the “Learn More” link goes to a URL that quickly changes to which shows a 404!

It appears the entire directory is showing a 404 now. I guess they really do want to get rid of Lightroom Classic.

Anyone know how to fix this one?

Edit: the next morning it looks like Adobe have fixed their site and the documentation above is live!
For unknown reasons, that warning dialogue has gone away. The only major change was updating to macOS 12.5.1. If you see the error, “Lightroom Classic does not have access to some Standard folders.” then hopefully updating macOS will do the trick, but the documentation is now working and suggests going into Systems & Privacy to give Lightroom Classic more access.

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  1. I also had this precise message today for the very first time. I’m on a MacBook Pro running Mac OS 12.4. What was new? I had just upgraded an hour or two earlier to the latest version 11.5 and the message coincided exactly with my mounting of my time machine backup disk. So I quit from Lightroom Classic, let my backup run to its conclusion, ejected the backup disc, then re-launched Lightroom Classic , no problem. But if I re-connect my backup disc, the message immediately returns. This has not occurred on any previous Lightroom version.

    1. My timemachine volume isn’t mounted right now but I did apply the latest patch from Apple this morning and Lightroom CC isn’t showing this error any more! Phew.
      Oh, and the docs on the Apple site now work. I’ll have a look this morning.

  2. The warning does popup if my Time Machine volume is mounted and in “Files and Folders”, Lightroom Classic already has access to “Removable Volumes” (and everything else there). I have to assume there’s a bug in the app where they expect it to have access to Time Machine volumes.

    Lightroom Classic seems to work fine. I’ll going to click “Don’t show again” and forget about it.

    1. Any one able to step by step the fix for this issue. Started doing this tonight and time is money at this point.

      1. Michael – I just clicked the “don’t show again” checkbox. I haven’t noticed anything not working, and I think it might have something to do with the Time Machine backup volume.

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