Anyone in Blarney missing a dog?

Anyone in Blarney recognise this dog? My wife found him wandering around the park a few minutes ago. A woman she met said the dog had been around since last night.

He’s a very friendly dog but we’d prefer to hand him back to his original owners!

By Donncha

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We’re not sure but he may have been dumped. It looks like a friend of my wife’s may take him for a few days but we’ll have to get in touch with a local dog rescue crowd (not the local animals home!) and find him a permanent home.

We walked around the park, met some neighbours who didn’t recognise him and unfortunately he chased our cats when he got out to the back garden. 🙁

Sandra – he looks very similar but I think they’re different dogs. The dog we found doesn’t have the white on his back behind his neck. I’ll update this post with a more side on view later.

I’ve just returned from a friend’s house where he’s staying tonight and we may have a permanent home for him if a few conditions work out.

This guy loves to chase cats too much unfortunately. He made a bee line for the cats at my friend’s house once he saw them. My wife has posted his picture on a few local animal rescue Facebook pages in the hope someone will recognise him or be able to foster him.

Fingers crossed!

there are a few ads up in centra in tower with missing jack russells on them, maybe you could check those to see if it’s one of those dogs.

Thanks Elizabeth, we’ll take a look. Unfortunately he’s not chipped but we dropped off posters in Supervalu, the post office and in the Garda station. A Garda suggested putting one up in that Centra too. Hopefully he just wandered away from his home and someone will see the poster.

Well done Donncha, we found a Boxer dog recently and put it up on 2 sites for lost & found dogs in Cork & Munster & we found the owners, don’t worry we made sure that they were the owners by getting a photo of them with the dog. Maybe you could have a look in there.

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