And my first post was …

My post on this forum thread was my first one on apparently.

It was 8 years ago and WordPress didn’t have a plugin system and wouldn’t have until later. I had integrated Smarty into the b2++ project, with a nifty versioned template editor and even looked at doing the same with WordPress. Smarty had a plugin system that could be used in theory but nothing came of it.

What was your first post on the forum? Look in your profile to find out!



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  1. It appears that mine was a question which I then answered myself. But it might not have been – Matt upgraded… changed .. from I think punBB to bbPress at one point and lots of posts were lost. Not tons but a fair number. So it could have been another.

  2. My first post was about 6 years ago about the “UTW Re-Tag Posts Extention” (yup, that’s how it was spelled and remember the old UTW extension?).

    @Donncha – I read your original forum post you linked to as well as your blog post about “Smarty” but I just have to know… what version of Linux had you “just re-installed” on your new hard drive back then? Okay, it’s off topic but like I said…I gotta know. 🙂

  3. LOL, figured out my first post was 6 years ago and has been answered by Moshu. Where did he disappear? Just realized there are a few names I haven’t seen around WP in a while…

  4. My first was 7 years ago, and apparently I didn’t know any PHP at that time. My oldest blog post using WordPress is from 2004. Things have changed a great deal since then.

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