Batman Forever

Batman Forever is an amazing looking Amstrad CPC demo made last year and won first place in the CPC Demo compo at Forever 2011.

Stunning artwork, great effects but perhaps a little bit of the old school yard “my computer is better than your one” in there too. Not too fond of the Commodore 64 are they? 😉

Also check out, an Amstrad demoscene website! It even has an article on cross-platform development using Linux and Vim!

Thanks Keith for leaving a comment in my last post about this demo. Well worth watching!

In related news, the 1541-II I ordered last week arrived this morning. I’m waiting on the zoomfloppy USB interface to connect it to my laptop now. Fingers crossed it’ll work and it’s not too late for my 20 year old Commodore 64 5 1/4 discs. I tend to agree that if it wasn’t for piracy ancient games would be lost to history now ..

3 thoughts on “Batman Forever

  1. I knew the Amstrad was capable of more than Harrier Attack. Although, all the time I had one I lamented the underutilisation of the hardware by the developers, instead they opted for cut and shut ports from other platforms (even the awful looking Speccy!).

    Towards the end of the Amstrad’s lifespan some developers had started to produce some impressive looking titles, but most had already moved on to coding for the 16 and 32 bit platforms.

    And we’re seeing a similar situation again today with the PS3 and Xbox. Maybe in 20 years time we’ll get some demos that show exactly what the PS3 would have been capable of today.

  2. Wow, that is an impressive demo. Looks like the Amstrad had a few more colours and higher resolutions than the ‘ol C64 🙁 We still had SID though!

    Enjoy the 1541 Ultimate, it’s a fantastic piece of hardware.

    Your disks should be okay to back up, most of mine were apart from some really unloved ones that the surface seemed to come off and stick itself to my drive’s heads… Although I have to back them up again as the firmware in the 1541 U-II had a bug in it related to wiritng d64/g64 a year or more ago. It’s well fixed now though.

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