Not sure where this should go but I have a suggestion for a dramatic enhancement and improvement for WP Super Cache.

Why not work directly with the developers who maintain some of the supplemental plugins so that you can manage them all from your WP Super Cache interface?

You could add the settings into your plugins tab for:

DB Cache Reloaded
WP Minify
WP Widget Cache

This would provide you a comprehensive and overall caching solution while allowing those other developers to continue to maintain their own plugins. In other words, let them focus on their specialties but work together to create a powerful overall caching solution.

It would be a great to have a selection button for the others such as

Install — Activate — Settings

You could also add a set of selection buttons on your Contents tab to clear each of the cache plugin info… Then when troubleshooting, updating, developing, etc., all of the different plugins could be cleared with one button while still keeping their own separate settings through an iFrame window or some other integrated mechanism on your Plugins tab.

Just a thought to take this to the next level and create a great direct competitor to W3 Total Cache which I do not believe is as efficient as all of these plugins together.