Photographing a Lunar Eclipse

It’s very difficult to photograph the moon, not least of which because it’s so far away! Your eyes deceive you when you look at it – sure, it might look as big as the street light but wih distance there’s a lot less light getting to you. This article on photographing the moon is very good and explains the phenomenon well.
Here’s a picture I took on Monday evening in Monkstown. The moon was rising, and after it re-appeared from behind some black clouds I snapped this photo. Originally, the photo had a lot of noise, but by blurring, and “burning” two layers in the GIMP I think I got a nice background and noise free image! Of course, reducing it in size helps a lot to hide that sort of thing!
Enjoy the picture, it’s all we’ll see in Ireland with the storm building outside!

  • APOD has a diagram showing where and when the eclipse will be visible.
  • Here’s another article on moon photography. Nice, if fake looking photos.
  • Mr Eclipse “The Ultimate Resource For Eclipse Photography”

One thought on “Photographing a Lunar Eclipse

  1. Beautiful picture, also I like the way the moon is placed in the top left quadrant, so that the photo looks like the flag of some third world country (Moon Republic One or similar).

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